Sunbowl BIG Pass

1. The date of the event will be the 24th of November, 2018;

2. There will be two (2) attempts at a prize of $5,000 on offer;

3. To be eligible for entry, you must have purchased any piece of Gridiron Queensland (GQ) Sundevils Merch from Tribal Online Store;

4. On the day of the contest, two pools of contestants will be selected at random by GQ Officials in conjunction with Business Insurance Group Pty Ltd;

5. Each pool will have a maximum of ten (10) contestants;

6. One pool will be male and the other female;

7. Each pool will participate in a ‘longest throw’ competition whereby without any aid, they will stand behind the designated throw line and attempt to throw a regulation NFL ball as far as possible;

8. The furthest throw from each pool will progress to the final stage of the competition (the finalists);

9. During the final stage of the competition each of the finalists will be given one (1) attempt to throw a regulation NFL football into an open wheelie bin at a distance of 30 metres;

10. The ball must be released from behind the designated throw line and reach the bin ON THE FULL;

11. The wheelie bin will have approximate dimensions of 102cm (height) x 51cm (width) x 58 cm (depth) with the width and depth being measurements of the opening;

12. If successful on either attempt, this will trigger a prize of $5,000;

13. In the event that both contestants are able to trigger the prize, this will be shared between both contestants;

14. The following additional conditions must be complied with:

13.1. The selected participant cannot transfer their attempt to any third party;

13.2. The participant attempts must be witnessed by the Official Observer

13.3. Participants are not permitted any practice, second-chance or warm-up attempts of any kind;

13.4. There will only be a maximum of one attempt per participant for any reason;

13.5. To be counted as a successful attempt, the ball must enter the bin on the full;

13.6. No part of the Participant’s body or clothing may come in contact with the demarcation line prior to the attempts;

13.7. The following classes of people are ineligible to participate in the contest:
(a) Current or former professional or semi-professional players;
(b) Current or former collegiate/university players who have played at that level in the past 5 years;
(c) Current or former state or national team players who have played at that level in the past 5 years;

13.8. In the event of a claim, the equipment used must be kept and be provided to any appointed claims representatives if requested;

13.9. Each attempt must be videotaped in its entirety without any breaks in play and said tape must be ready for inspection. This must be taped at an angle which shows the complete attempt (this will be arranged by the organisers);

13.10. In the event of a successful attempts, the successful Participant must sign and complete a Final Claim form (attached)

13.11. Employees of Business Insurance Group Pty Ltd or their families are excluded;

13.12. Any failure to adhere to any of these rules will result in disqualification;

Final Claim Form Download