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Thanks for applying to AvantLink! Your application ID is 498661.The merchant you are interested in has not launched their affiliate program yet, but you can apply now.

All applicants MUST VERIFY OWNERSHIP of the website and/or prove you have administrative rights to the Social Channel you are applying with before we can review your application.

You only need to apply once. Please apply with the website or social channel you will be using to promote any Merchants in our network. You will be able to add additional sites/social channels to your account, if activated.

Note: If accepted, you are only permitted to add additional sites that you own or have administrative rights to and are actively using the website for promoting the Merchants in AvantLink. We do not allow broken links or parked pages to be listed on accounts.

Regardless of the verification method you choose below, if you have been asked to join by an AvantLink staff member, Merchant or Program manager, please notify our applications team at and provide correspondence verifying they’ve asked you to join.

There are three verification methods.

1.) Social Media

  • Please place the following on your profile, bio, or feed: #AvantLink. This method is only valid for social channels. Do not use for blogs, websites or anything but social channels e.g. Facebook and Instagram.
  • Once you have placed this on your profile, please email to make our team aware. Important: This is a manual process so our staff will not be aware that you’ve placed the message until you contact us and include all of the following information with your email to help us better serve you:
  1. Have you been asked to join by an AvantLink staff member, a Merchant, or Program Manager? If so, it is vital that you include that you have and some sort of email correspondence from them asking you to join in your email to us.
  3. 498661
  4. A hyperlink to the page where the message has been placed.

An approval or denial email will be sent to the email address you included on your application after we review your social media page. Please feel free to remove the message after you receive our response.

2.) Manual Verification

  • Site Builders – If you are using a website template builder, wix, gatorhost, squarespace, blogger, etc, manual ownership authentication may be required. Please be sure all contact forms are functional. For manual confirmation we will typically contact you directly through your websites contact form. If you do not have a contact form set up we may attempt to contact you through any associated social channels tied to your website. If we cannot find a way to manually authenticate, it is likely you will be denied.

3.) Standard Website Authentication

Install a JavaScript tag

  1. Install this JavaScript tag on your website.
  2. Verify your installation.
  3. If verification was successful, delete the JavaScript tag.

or Upload a file

  1. Upload this file to your website.
  2. Place the file where it can be accessed at
  3. Verify your installation.
  4. If verification was successful, delete the file.

Please note that we may review applications prior to ownership authentication.

Once you verify ownership of your website, we will review your application and respond with an acceptance or denial notification. This process may take several days.

Need help? View our verification tutorials.