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Gridiron Queensland has many opportunities to be involved by providing the highest quality training. You may want to strap on a helmet and play, pull out your whistle and coach or throw some flags and officiate! 

Become a Player Male & Female from 10 years onwards.

Gridiron is a sport that can be played by anyone!

Irrespective of: size, skill level or gender. Perhaps you are a hard hitting line backer, a play making quarterback or a protective offensive lineman. Our teams are constantly looking for new talent and our skilled coaches pride themselves in bringing out the best in every player.  


Become a Coach Lead our teams 

Gridiron Queensland coaching courses provide the best possible coaching advice to bring the best out of every unique player. The coaching accreditation course is endorsed by Gridiron Australia and the Australian Sports Commission (ASN) and delivered by our most experienced coaches. Coaching accreditation is compulsory for all Gridiron Queensland coaches regardless of experience or level of team.


Become a RefereeThrow some flags!

Referee’s and officials in Gridiron are one of the highest skilled in any sport. The many elements of gridiron make for a challenging mediator role. With great challenge comes great reward. Gridiron is fast a growing sport and gaining traction, with many milestones to be apart of. You may think of refereeing as an opportunity to earn some extra money, a challenging hobby or something you want to do as a career. No matter what your reason we can accommodate.